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Doodle Breeders since 2004

It truly is an honour to be able to provide so many people with loving, loyal and wonderful family companions. I thoroughly enjoy bringing so much happiness to peoples lives through theDoodles we breed. I’ll be the first to admit that I never dreamed that my passion would take us where we are today! Never did I think of people such as NHL GMs, coaches, players, NFL players, well known business owners etc. having one (or even a few!) of my puppies as their pets!

You may wonder where I gained my passion to become a dog breeder? When I was a young child growing up on a family farm in West Virginia, I had a true love for our Border Collie named Bernie. She was a kind, loving, loyal, gentle friend and every time she would welcome a new litter, I would be thrilled. It was intriguing for me to pass my summer holidays watching a mom carefully tend to six to eight puppies so well with her God given instincts.

When I was a little older, my parents purchased a sled dog team of huskies. This was such a fun adventure and it brings back floods of memories as I write this. Those howling huskies pulling at an anchored sled followed by complete silence when that anchor is pulled and the “MUSH!” signal is given; it still sends chills up my spine thinking about it! Down the trails we went, through the countryside many a Saturday during the winter months! I thank my parents, John and Shelley for bringing this experience into our lives. I learned so much from those wonderful Huskies and probably the best lesson I learned was to never ever give up in life. Huskies are high endurance dogs and they just never quit no matter how hard the terrain becomes.

We also bred these Huskies and I embraced the whole puppy thing all over again! But, as the saying goes “All good things come to an end”. Due to changing circumstances in my parents life, the decision was made to place the sled dog team with a new owner. My family was then inactive in the breeding for a few years. We still had a few Border Collies as farm dogs but we were no longer breeding because of busy schedules.

When I was in my late teens, I was really missing the breeding end of things so I convinced my two brothers that we should purchase a Golden Retriever female. I had plans to breed her to a purebred Goldendoodle but when I began to look at different options I became aware of a new breed that had just began. The Goldendoodle breed caught my attention and when I saw a few of the pictures I could find online, I knew it was the direction I wanted to go. They were stunning and looked like Teddy Bears. There sure was not much information online when we began this journey but we decided to give it a try and wow, it was the best decision we’ve made

In 2004, our first litter arrived and we were thrilled with the results; amazing temperaments and great looks! What more could you ask for. And on top of all that, they were very low to non shedding! Like I mentioned before, I never knew this journey would take us to where we are today.
In 2008, we were blessed with our firstborn daughter, Laurel! This is also the year I was finally able to be self supporting. It truly was a dream come true! I can honestly say I have never worked a day in my life since. Yes, there are nights where I don’t get much sleep because I’m tending a whelping dog or rushing around getting ready to send off someone’s dream puppy to a far off destination such as Hong Kong. It doesn’t feel like work though because I’m doing what I love to do! And when you are doing what you love to do, you enjoy life. No, I don’t get to go on big vacations or anything with all the care we need to provide at the kennel but this vocation truly has been a blessing in my life and for the life of our family. We have continuously striven for excellence as the years have gone by. Dog breeding truly is an art that is not obtained without experience. 
I am very particular in my breeding program and I’m always thinking about which mating will work best to create the most beautiful dogs and at the same time maintaining that fun loving, playful temperament that every Standard Goldendoodle and Mini Goldendoodle should have. Over the years I have learned which personalities work best together with my different dogs. The mark as to whether or not a breeder has been successful in an area like this lies in what owners are saying about the dogs a kennel produces. Please take a moment and dig into the Testimonials section of our site. We have many, many people who have provided excellent feedback on their dog’s personality.
Since we began breeding, I have endeavored to maintain a very high level of professionalism in all I do. I am always looking to improve our service as breeders and when we make mistakes, we will do our best to make them right with every client. Some of the areas we intend to offer professional service are as follows:
  • Keep open and honest communication between ourselves and the client.

  • Never ever force a purchase on anyone; the decision needs to be yours. You are committing to the care of the puppy for it’s lifetime and it is therefore a serious decision. We will never pressure anyone into purchasing a puppy they don’t want to have.

  • Answer back to emails and phone calls in a professional and timely manner. We try to get back within 24 hours but during busy times at the kennel, it could be longer.

  • Keep our site informative and up to date at all times.

  • Continuously researching ways to improve our breeding lines.

  • Provide the client with as much information as possible to ensure that the experience of purchasing a puppy at Epic Doodle, Poodle & Cavapoo is seamless and enjoyable.

  • Educate new owners about what to expect with a new puppy, recommended training methods and training programs we offer.

  • Ensure that all parent dogs have passed their health testing prior to breeding litters from them.

  • Provide each new puppy owner with a genetic health guarantee with full intentions to honor that guarantee should genetic illnesses appear within that time period.

  • Make sure that every one of our puppies is placed in a loving, caring, responsible home.

  • If there are times of dissatisfaction with a client, we here at Epic Doodle do our best to work with the situation to come out to an agreeable settlement.

  • By following through with the points above, we have been rewarded with a reputation of being breeders of honesty and integrity. We now have a majority of our sales coming through referrals. Epic Doodles dog owners are constantly sending their families and friends our way to purchase their next Standard Goldendoodle or Mini Goldendoodle. We feel blessed beyond measure and we are forever grateful to our many clients in the past who have put their trust in us as their breeder over the years.

    God has blessed us immensely in the past years and we always enjoy giving back. Being Christians we feel this is an opportunity to show God’s love flowing through us into the lives of hurting people. My heart goes out to many of the families who suffer loss of a family member, cancer in the family, or severe disabilities. I have always had a passion to help families like this and in the past we have embraced the opportunity to help these families find the perfect companion. Depending on the situation we will donate or partially donate puppies to families going through traumatic experiences. I live for moments like this and it brings me to tears when I think about the different situations we’ve encountered over the years. We do our best to help families like this walk through their difficult times. It brings me so much joy and fulfillment to see a new puppy bring a glimmer of happiness to people lives who have been shattered. I have come to the conclusion that God created dogs for this very reason! They are meant to be a healing agent. A dog’s love for his owner always reminds me of God’s love for me; it’s never ending and it’s lavished on me with no restraint even when I don’t deserve it! When a family going through difficult times can experience this love, it has a way of helping them through the dark times.I hope that through the above information, you are now informed about who we are and how we aspire to be your professional breeder of choice. Epic Doodles, Poodle & Cavapoo is well established and we intend to serve the dog-loving community for many years to come!